IAQ - Infrequently Asked Questions were originally posted on Free Radical Designs Official website.


Are there any ideas that have been dropped over the years?

Loads. We had a bunch of vehicle sections in the Siberian levels on Second Sight, plus there were about twice as many psychic abilities in the first outline - stuff like mind reading. For TimeSplitters, there was meant to be an American Civil War level somewhere, but we never got round to it. Hell, there have been whole ideas for games that were dropped for one reason or another. We're still waiting for someone to show an interest in our rhythm-action-zombie-horror-FPS-RPG.

Did your games ever go through title changes?

They sure did. Second Sight was going to be called 'Redemption'. And in Japan, in fact, TimeSplitters 2 had the good fortune to end up being called 'Time Splitters: Invaders of the History'.

What's the story with that TimeSplitters handheld game?

TimeSplitters Advance was a cracking little game actually. There was an awesome Aztec level with loads of monkeys dive-bombing Captain Ash's biplane. We were going to include it in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, but at the last minute it turned out we couldn't be bothered.

What is the most memorable experience you've had at Free Radical?

We finished TimeSplitters 2 at about 4am. Everything was closed, so we celebrated with a massive deathmatch - Monkeys versus Lions. We were half-mad with fatigue, and someone (who shall remain nameless) laughed so much he wet himself a little bit. No one sits in that seat any more.

What did you guys do before you started making games?

At the risk of boring you with a long list of boring programmer jobs, we should point out that our Creative Lead on HAZE previously worked as the 'Bakery Assistant' in Sainsbury's. That gave him all the skills he needed to be a games designer: an unrelenting love of cakes.

What do you do when you're not making games?

Most of us try and cobble together some kind of home life. Some of us have even managed to get real women pregnant and marry them. With the exception of Karl 'Playboy' Hilton - who spends his days by the pool, topping up his ex-pat tan; and his nights sipping fine Champagne from the bellybuttons of Japanese prostitutes.