FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions were originally posted on Free Radical Designs Official website.


Who are Free Radical Design?

Hi! We're an independant games developer, based in Nottingham, England. If you want the full rundown, click to our Corporate section.

What games have Free Radical Design developed?

TimeSplitters (published by Eidos) TimeSplitters 2 (published by Eidos) TimeSplitters Future Perfect (published by Electronic Arts) Second Sight (published by CodeMasters)

Why don't you answer my emails?

We love you, really we do - every single one of you, as if you were our own flesh and blood. However, we're only a wee small company, and as such we haven't got the time to reply to the many hundreds of emails we get every week. Remember, we're trying to spend our time developing the games that (hopefully) you love. By the way, if you really need help with TimeSplitters or TimeSplitters 2, you should contact the publisher, Eidos Interactive. For Second Sight, please contact Codemasters, and for TimeSplitters Future Perfect, get in touch with Electronic Arts.

Can I buy shares in Free Radical Design?

No, sorry. Free Radical is wholly owned by its founders and currently has no plans to become a Plc.

Can I get a job at Free Radical Design?

Absolutely - providing you fit the requirements for an available position on our recruitment page.

What's the monkey obsession about?

Actually the 'monkey' that appeared in previous games was a 3D scanned model of Karl Hilton. This was supposed to be another means to publicise his sexy playboy lifestyle, but it backfired horribly, causing him to hide in one of his red Ferraris for eleven weeks.

Did you all work on GoldenEye?

Yes, absolutely all of us. Particularly those of us who were still at school when it was released. However, only Dave Doak, Steve Ellis, Karl Hilton and Graeme Norgate publicly admit it.

What else are you working on?

We're working on keeping it a secret.

Is 'Doctor Doak' really a doctor?

Yes. He regularly performs surgery when not eating Snickers bars.

Why do none of your games have cheats?

Would you believe, they actually do - it's just that no one's found them yet...


In The TimeSplitters Series, is there a reward for getting all of the Arcade mode awards?

No. Nothing but the respect and admiration of other people in the welfare queue.

In The TimeSplitters Series, are there any controller-activated cheats?

Yes. But we've never released them. We like to keep things as impossible as possible.

Where can I find out more about TimeSplitters?

If you're really interested, there's a very good FAQ available at www.gamefaqs.com.

Why doesn't it say 'TimeSplitters Will Return' at the end of TimeSplitters Future Perfect, like it does at the end of the other TimeSplitters games? Because we forgot.

Will there be another TimeSplitters game?

Sure. When? No idea.