I have always been a big TimeSplitters fan ever since I first found out about TimeSplitters 2 prior to its release. It started when I learned ex Rare employees Dave Doak, Steve Ellis, Karl Hilton, Graeme Norgate original Goldeneye team members and Lee Ray who worked on Perfect Dark were responsible for making responsible for creating their own studio Free Radical Design and their own game TimeSplitters which played like a very fast and cartoony version of Goldeneye I couldn't wait for the sequel.

I had run a little site before off of Geocities but have always wanted to do a full fledged TimeSplitters website and thought it maybe good to create a online resource for fans like my self.

Recently when Crytek President Cevat Yerli confirmed the game was not being made and the reasons it would not be made kind of dashed a lot of peoples hopes. With the recent comments he made on Twitter;

"I had 2 interviews that provoked this question, how big is the Timesplitters Community? Let me hear you!! TS2 rocks, one of my alltime favs!"
along with music composter Graeme Norgate posting the link to the 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4 group, I immediately joined the group which at the time had about 300 "Likes" on Facebook.

I decided it I might be able to help the efforts a little bit, I posted some commments on a handful of TimeSplitters Youtube videos to help direct fans to the Facebook page and started a little work on this website.

Its still a little rough, I did a couple logos in 3ds Max and it is probably somewhat near final. I will likely be working on some content for this site and there maybe a forum at some point soon.

Check out TimeSplitters Portal's community or the Facebook group would be the best active community at the moment.

I would think that given TimeSplitters 2 is approaching the ten year anniversary of the game this fall would be a great opportunity to gauge the market and see if the property is still viable.

Releasing TimeSplitters 2, or the trilogy would be perfect even if it were a quick port. Just add online functionality, without updating any textures or character models or anything would likely make a lot of people very happy and would tide us over for a potential TimeSplitters sequel (not to mention it would save a lot of money on development costs redoing all those textures on the 100 plus characters).

Hopefully we will see some sort of TimeSplitters news be it a HD port, remake, collection, sequel I am sure many people would be happy with any positive news in the near future.

Hopefully this new campaign will spark the ineterst of some publishers.

EA or Eidos come on one more please!

- twopinacoladas