Norman Finds His Groove Thang Site

Norman Thumbnail

The wesbite for Norman Finds his groove thang was done for director Uriel Lubuk a former Confederation College film student. At the moment the banner image on the website is not displaying in Firefox, please try Google Chrome or Explorer until I fix the bug.

Its Time To Split - TimeSplitters Site

Its Time To Split

 is a TimeSplitters fan site I created to help with the effort to get a fourth installment of the TimeSplitters series created. The first banner is a earlier version.

Banners for Chris at

Standard, autumn and holiday animated banners.

Website Mockup

This is a mockup for a basic website layout. It is similar to other sites I have done which are no longer online.

Mock Up Image

Wordpress based portfolio site (2009)

This is a custom wordpress portfolio site that I no longer use, click here here to view.